Something that you are

In this space I am always honest. I love many styles of blogging but when it comes to writing about my own life I'm not comfortable with anything other than what is. I'm certain that no one wants to read about the minutiae of my domestic life so I don't write about that but, hand on heart, I promise that what I do write here is real. True. I have no agenda to promote so there's no point in anything else.

Sometimes I'll write about an emotional situation and maybe some will think I'm over-sharing. I write because it helps me put things in order in my head and maybe someone reading will relate and feel better for some company (hello to my fellow 'terror gal', Lis). What it's not about is point-scoring, territory-marking or creating a persona. 

I was touched by sweet thoughts from Alison and Sarah when I wrote about my struggles with letting something go - they wished me healing too. Thanks, both of you, I'm on it - the path I'm taking to ease these final steps in that story were chosen to make sure I was included. Healing, like charity, begins at home.

Recently Susannah asked me if I'd like to take part in her gorgeous April Love event (sign up here). Once I saw who else was contributing I got a major case of imposter syndrome. Ha! I must be the only person there who doesn't have an impressive mailing list. Because I don't have a mailing list at all. I imagined people nodding their heads in recognition and then thinking,'WHO? ' and, to quote Evie, it gave me LOLz. 

Here's the slightly uncomfortable honesty...I also started thinking,'Crap, what can I do? How do I define myself? What is it that I do on my blog?  What is the point of it? I need to have that old elevator pitch ready.

Only no, I don't. I am much relieved to report that the knee-jerk reaction fell away within the hour. It seems I am learning. I'm not entirely free from vanity, I submitted a 'somewhat filtered' image of myself to go on the promotional materials (btw, is anyone else irritated by the way Photoshop has become a verb? Just me then. Okay.). Then this morning while clearing some images from my phone I realised that I like this one better.

My hair was typically unbrushed, I'd had a tiring day at work, just done the washing-up, taken the dogs out, and the light wasn't great. But I was happy because these days I am, to my bones. And if this is what I look like when I'm happy, then I give that an almighty #fuckyeah. That person there is what I am. And, with a little more respect, I also rather like this quote from the real Mr T:

Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have but you cannot lose something that you are.   

~ Eckhart Tolle 

Plant medicine

Spring is happening and that means plants. And plants - intrinsic value and beauty honoured and blessed - mean nourishment, health, flavour and stepping up to take our place in the cycle. Eating a healthy plant-based diet is a way for us to help support and sustain life - without getting into the nitty gritty too much it's all about recycling, yes? You know what I'm saying. Whereas when I think about eating animal products for me it feels like simply ending life. Full stop. I know not everyone feels this way and I know not all animal products are the same. These are just my feelings on it.

Through winter I've slid back into some not-so-good habits. I'm one of those people who feels the cold and whinges about it endlessly so hot food is a must for me. My raw-til-4 eating stopped. I still ate raw fruit and veg every day but it was likely to be accompanied by something hot and carb-y. Then there's my chocolate cravings. I'm thinking part of that is a magnesium issue as I also crave spinach and almonds, natural sources of this essential mineral.

I know how good I feel when I respect what my body knows and asks for and I'm not going to lie, it's much easier to listen when the sun is shining and the markets are full of every plant you can imagine. As for what to do with them, beyond juice, smoothies and a frickin' salad, I'm not exactly a culinary genius. Thank you internet for saving me from my own incompetence and making it enjoyable. I'm looking forward to making some plant magic. Here we go:

The First Mess
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Straight Up Food

Late addition: Peaceful Cuisine on YouTube. It does me good just watching. Thanks to Anthony and Mel for the link.

I'm also toying with the idea of growing some food again but this might be because I've yet to be confronted this year with the Chalfield Slug Army* that always strikes and wipes out All The Plants. I'm not sure I'm ready for that early morning heartbreak again. But I discovered recently that Diggers The New Dog is just like my old terrier boy, Jackson, who really loved me working in the garden. While Nell would sunbathe, Jackson would be nose to fingers with me while I dug, planted and weeded. He was especially fond of stashing old plant pots behind the sofa. As I began clearing out a flower bed a few days ago I found a similar tan and white head joining in. He even carried a few sticks I'd dropped up to the compost heap with me.

There's a holiday weekend coming up and we're promised good weather. Time spent with my hands back in the dirt, then whipping up a tasty bowl of whole plant food for us all sounds like good medicine to me.


* What do you do about slugs that doesn't involve killing or throwing them?

May you be safe

I advise Evie not to pick at the scabs on her knees and she does it anyway because we all do, don't we? This week I've been picking at an emotional scab that was sooo verrrry neeeearly healed that I can't believe I've done it.

Relationships, friendships, acquaintances... I've had a good number and as is natural, a percentage of them have been short but sweet. Despite me being the kind of introvert who has sub-optimal people skillz, only a couple turned sour. But I'm not good at walking away from that.

Like a terrier with an old sock, I shake and chew and worry at it, trying to work out why things happened the way they did. What does it say about me? What does it say about them? What is real and what are we each reflecting? How can we do better? My prime directive is always to heal and to do that I feel driven to understand the bones of something.

But sometimes, ya just can't. Sometimes partings can't be explained by words; sometimes it's just about a gut feeling that says I don't feel good here anymore. Sometimes I see white and gold and they see blue and black and there is absolutely nothing that can change that for either of us. And yet walking away - really away - is so effing hard to do. The scab is irresistible. I need to get 'LEAVE IT' tattoo-ed inside my eyelids because ultimately, opening a wound over and over is just self-harm.

I beat myself up for my part in a goodbye. I feel antipathy towards another for their refusal to see they had an equal part to play. I feel shame for not being endlessly compassionate towards every living being despite knowing that no one truly is. Even the Dalai Lama gets pissed off at people. His wisdom is in being able to recognise that and not attach to it. I recognise it and then fuck it up. Guess I won't be leading any Tibetan Buddhists any time soon (reincarnation issues not withstanding). I know... cancel your mala orders now, people. Maybe next time around.

The worst thing is that the toxic nature of something like this can poison the good stuff. It's hard to focus on your good work, your good life, when you have an infected emotional wound that means you get crabby, tired and distracted. However, I think I've found a way through.

I am trying to send the very best healing prayer that I can honestly muster for a person I need to fully move away from. I'll be truthful here, full disclosure, I cannot authentically send love. Not yet. On a good day I can send a genuine prayer for happiness. On a bad day I can still commit to 'may you be safe' with all of my heart. That way it feels to me as if maybe we both get a bit of healing and I can focus on where I want to be and where I am needed.



In the March sun, after days without rain, the fresh carpet of grass in the little woodland looked so soft and welcoming that I just had to lie down on it and look up to the trees above. I didn't do so with a question in mind. I hadn't called them, they rang me so to speak, so I just listened.

'Be a home,' they said. 'That's how we serve. Be a home.'

That's quite a concept and one it'll take a while to define for myself. But I like it.

Never forget

Here's a thing. I had a couple of hours to myself on Friday night so, after the moment I had last week, I decided to go for some good ol' divination. I cleaned and smudged the living room, lit a fire, brought out some crystals to amplify the vibe (shut up, I'm using that word) and chose my favourite card decks to play with.

I had questions. Questions I worded very carefully and wrote out before pulling cards (see new stationery, above). Using both recommended texts and my own intuition to read the responses, I found a strong theme through them all.

I need to attend to the feminine, feel the power that lives there, utilise it, create with it.

This is not an easy thing for me. My old stories have me reject and withdraw from an early interpretation of 'feminine' based purely on a mother who is chalk to my non-dairy cheese. She is charm and voluptuousness, flirtation and 'Oh don't ask me I'm not very bright', all about the old school 'girlishness'. I was androgyny and three brothers, a life in jeans and trees, and a flat out refusal to take part in anything old school 'girlish'. I went to dance classes but dreamed of being Fred Astaire, not Margot Fonteyn.


Here I am now, living a life that is soaked in and rich with the feminine principles of nurturing, motherhood, creativity, connection with Mother Earth, home-making and my maverick hedgewitchery. Journeys and dreams filled with antler-bearing hinds wearing crowns, and the silent, black she-wolf who whispers,'You are like me. Never forget.' through her amber-eyed stare.

I haven't forgotten. Now it seems it's time to bring that memory into the light.


Biggest, most beautiful dream

I've learned now that when I have a few days of feeling out of sorts, slightly crabby(er) and as if my brain has just thrown in the towel on trying to 'work it all out', I'm generally due 'a moment'.

Last time this happened was just before my conversation with Sister Moon. Yesterday morning was different and I'm not quite ready to explain it yet, I may never be. But it was a moment and a half. Several moments woven together. A Pile O'Moments.

There are reports of astrological, celestial, temporal, personal shifts all around us as we see tonight/tomorrow's new moon and solar eclipse occur, and while I do try to resist (why was that again?), I have to admit I'm definitely feeling it. 

The message I was left to think on after my encounter yesterday was, 'What is your biggest, most beautiful dream? Because with our help there is no reason you can't make it happen.'

This is what happens when I go back to the woods. It's not just about stillness and quiet and stepping away from the treadmill; it's about facing the truth of things and hearing that truth without filters. It can be joyous or unsettling. Frightening even. This time I'm just going to let it swirl around me for a while and see what happens. 

In the meantime, do you have a 'biggest, most beautiful dream'? I think mine may be hiding. It's been a while since I paid it any attention.